Director’s Message

Our aim is that best quality of beauty products, manufactured by our sister concern “Everyday Herbal Care”are available to all consumers, and several rural families can get daily wages and self-employment through it.

Our message and motto,is that all associated with us ,through our business-chain ,staff, salesmen, vendors consumers, get benefit and satisfaction from it.

Our goal is that all manufacturing units, having faith in our work-ethics, continue their association with us.

Our main goal is that ,all companies working in this field, including ours and in India ,and as well as, over the globe, continue ethical work practices to produce and sell, best quality cosmetic and beauty products and make it available to the world. We would like to add, that Kutchi Prints, Kutchi Handicrafts produced by Everyday Ethical Global, as well as any products in India, produced to promote the betterment and welfare of artisans, artists, rural labourers are promoted by us, as
long as they produce best quality goods. We encourage minimum wages policy, as well as the concept that artisans get the right value for their products and service. We look forward to work in this direction and pray, we get enough means ,strength and encouragement.

An old, Indian poem-phrase that conveys our “aim and aspiration”

Seeing the evening creeping on the horizon, the setting Sun, anxiously asks: “Who will carry on my work of lighting the Earth?”

The world has no answer; However, the small earthen oil-lamp says:

“I will try to do my best”