Vagad's Khadi


Vagad’s Khadi Herbal is one of the brands that have been helping the world to know about the Handmade Herbal cosmetics and Personal Care Products. They have made a commendable mark on the society by introducing this unique line of concept for all at one platform. Most of the product are related to your personal care, viz. Skin, hair and Body. The efforts and work of Vagad’s Khadi have been recognized and it has been approved by the Government of India Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) to continue it’s authenticity and remarkable work.


Naturally Clear

Vagad’s is the manufacturer under Khadi India that produces the ayurvedic cosmetics and responsible for the wonderful range of the Khadi India products. We primarily promote local employment for our factories and workshops wherein the local population is provided with jobs and empowered with daily wages adding up to our economy. The primary product range includes different lines of ayurvedic beauty and cosmetic products like ‘Ayurvedic Shampoo’, ‘Ayurvedic Soap’, ‘Ayurvedic Cream’, ‘Ayurvedic hair oil’ and other Ayurvedic cosmetic products under the common brand named “VAGAD”. Vagad’s is further branched into three sub brands to provide a great variation with different composition and combination of the ingredients. These three sub brands are, “Vagad’s V-Aloe”, “Vagad’s Vibrant” and “Vagad’s V-herb”. The soul of Vagad’s is to provide the essence and product of our age-old Ayurveda for the benefit of all.