Our History

Our sister manufacturing unit (company) named “Everyday Herbal Beauty Care” was established in the year 2004, at a small village Samakhiyali, which has vivid diversity, in the Kutch region of Gujarat state in India.
After that, in the year 2005, the company made collaboration, with “Government of India Khadi and Village Industries Commission”.
“Khadi”, brought new life, as it was incorporated with the philosophy of the Freedom Movement of India, and Gandhian thoughts of self-employment, rural upliftment, and revival of small to medium scale industries.
Under this section, With the ideology of Self-Reliance, self-employment, and rural upliftment, we have established or industry in the region of Kutch.
In the last 15 years, we have trained the less-educated, semi-literate rural women, provided 80% employment to them, with the minimal use of machinery, and promoted hand-made Cosmetic products. This has been done to provide them day-to-day work and employment and make them self-reliant.
According to changing times and requirements, we made changes in our khadi (Herbal) brand. We gave it a new international level of packaging and according to modern and new India taste; we launched 150+ ranges of products from April 1, 2018.
We set up a new unit, “Everyday Ethical Bharat LLP”. Our team has been entrusted and promoted it, throughout India, with untiring efforts. Taking into account, the need for expanding our market internationally, we changed the name, “Everyday Ethical Bharat LLP” to “Everyday Ethical Global Ltd “.
We have introduced a new range of products, Charcoal, Men’s Range-SLS Paraben-free, etc. We have started Kutchi Hand-Prints manufacturing, for self-employment of artisans too. We have been able to provide income to approximately 2500 rural families, directly or indirectly, due to co-operation from wholesalers, retailers, and Khadi Co-operatives.